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Next-generation mobility

If you live and work in a city, elevators undoubtedly play a crucial role in your daily life. They transport more than a billion people each day, making them the most commonly used and safest mode of transportation in the world. When it comes to elevators, innovative solutions shape the future of urban mobility.

Our elevators are a perfect fit. And so are we.

From residential and office buildings to shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, train stations and airports, our passenger and freight elevators deliver:

Our elevator experts will help you configure the best solution for your specific needs. They will also ensure your project’s success, from design and installation, to maintenance, modernization and end of lifetime.

To find out more about our elevator portfolio, contact us today.


Tailored-made solutions for your mobility needs

We have design of escalators for any building configuration, regardless of whether it is and art gallery or subway station.

Escalators optimize the flow of people in airports, metro and train stations worldwide. They also enhance the utilization of every floor in shopping malls, department stores, and convention centers across the globe. This is because escalators are safe, reliable, and robust.

Whether you opt for standard configuration of product or tailored-made solution, our escalators are a perfect combination of attractive design, exceptional efficiency and increased flexibility and comfort.

Moving Walks

Step in

Inovativne i raznovrsne pokretne staze povećavaju mobilnost na velikim aerodromima, železničkim stanicama i drugim javnim i komercijalnim prostorima širom sveta. One bezbedno, udobno i efikasno prevoze ljude s prtljagom i kolicima.

Our product portfolio includes moving walkways with features you won't find elsewhere. Whenever you step onto our moving walkways, you'll experience a perfect blend of safety, design, and reliability. Additionally, we naturally offer you next-generation customer support.

When passengers wish to have some rest or to speed up the tempo, our transporters technology keeps the people in a safe movement to their destination.


We know the elevators

If you want the utmost operation of your elevators, escalators and moving walks, first of all you need to service them regularly and repair them as needed. Our flexible offer of services enables continuous operation of your system, ensuring at the same time you comply with all legal and operating requirements, as well as standards.

Our highly qualified servicing technicians have decades of experience together with access to the global technological network for third manufacturer’s systems, thus enabling us to deliver the exceptional servicing of independent manufacturers for other companies’ products. Our service technicians are proud of the fact that your equipment moves efficiently and safely.

Eveready service. With 24-hour availability, we respond rapidly. Call us!